Advisory Committee

Robert Ellis, Chair, Powell Wellness Center Advisory Board

  • William T. Butler III (Tripp), Vice Chair
  • Richard Brooking
  • Karen Carroll
  • Trice Gravatte MD
  • Chris Hively
  • Isabel Kulick
  • Betty Long
  • Anne Napps
  • Jamie Tanner
  • Eric Good, Director - Powell Wellness Center

Medical Advisory Committee

Powell Wellness Center has established a Medical Advisory Committee. The role of this committee is to provide medical oversight ensuring the safety of participants and to provide medically and scientifically sound programming. The Medical Advisory Committee is comprised of a stellar group of health care professionals from various specialties who volunteer their time and expertise to provide guidance from their unique medical perspective. This responsibility includes approving new and existing medical fitness programs. 

PWC Medical Advisory Committee:

Brevard Wallace, MD Beverly Garrison, RN Leroy T. Gravatte, IV, MD
Brevard Wallace, MD,
PWC Medical Director
Beverly Garrison, RN Leroy T. Gravatte, IV, MD
Specialty: Family Medicine
Daniel E. Halpert, DO Jennifer Herndon, FNP, MSN, RN Armin Aalami Harandi, MD
Daniel E. Halpert, DO
Specialty: Pain
Jennifer Herdman,
Armin Aalami Harandi, MD
Specialty: Orthopedics
Zia Roshandel, MD              
Ostranda Williams, MD
Jane Probst, LCSW

Zia Roshandel, MD
Specialty: Cardiology
Ostranda Williams, MD
Specialty: Pediatrics

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