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Debbie Larson 2.0


The idea of me going to a gym and working out… a joke! Me? Working out? In public? No way! My idea of a gym was like the TV show "Baywatch" ... beautiful, fit people who don't really need a gym. I figured it would be women in matching workout outfits, perfectly coiffed hair, with makeup on. The men would all be buff and sweating intensely while lifting weights.


During my routine 6-month check-up at the doctor’s office, my nurse practitioner mentioned FITscripts at Powell Wellness Center. I was half listening and half just wanting my appointment to be over. She asked if she could refer me and I said "sure" never intending to go. When PWC called to schedule the appointment, I felt the same, "let's just get this over with!"


On the day of my appointment, I mentally went through an assortment of excuses for why I couldn't do this. I was armed and ready with excuses. Then I met Lindsey, a PWC Exercise Specialist. She wasn't threatening. She wasn't demeaning. She was nice! My excuses seemed to evaporate. 


Lindsey took me for a tour of PWC and to my surprise, it didn't look like the set of "Baywatch" after all! Just regular, normal people of all shapes and sizes. I started in the pool, which was intimidating. Because of my "size" I haven't been in a public pool in 30+ years. My instructor, Jodi, was friendly and nice and she patiently showed me various pool exercises. Surprisingly, I could do them all. Jodi was very helpful, and a delightful young lady. I guess PWC has a "niceness" requirement in their hiring practice.


My FITscripts program was twice a week for eight weeks. Could I really do this? Well, now I knew I would at least try. I completed my FITscripts program and joined PWC after it was complete. Now, I use the strength and cardio equipment to workout at least 5 days a week. I have lost 47 pounds and am 3 sizes smaller! I can buy clothes at regular stores that don't have "plus size" in the name and I have more energy, strength, and am doing things I only dreamed of. I call myself Debbie 2.0! I am the same person, but better. 


Lindsey's bio on the wall says: "The hardest part about your fitness journey was walking into the gym. If you are reading this you are half way there!" Those words inspired me. I hope MY words inspire YOU!





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